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*************** I am looking for the following:

-************* Server – we need a strong server, that has :

-* server location in Germany

o************ 2 CPUs

?*********** 4 / 8 cores each, strong (preferably 8 cores if not a big difference)

o************ 64GB RAM – ability to grow up to 128GM or higher

o************ HD - 1 TB X 2 in Raid 1

?*********** Fast HD – at least 10,000 RPM, if faster ok

?*********** Ability to add additional hard drives if necessary

o************ Linux Centos

o************ Plesk / Cpanel control panel with unlimited domains/subdomains

o************ 5 IP addresses (ability to add more if needed)

o************ They MUST be certified to either SAS70 or SSAE 16

-************* Firewall

o************ We may need a shared/dedicated firewall

-************* Managed service (nice to have)

Thank you for your soon response

email please to
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