Design question: CSS vs Tables

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    I still use tables in all of my sites, and use CSS only to define the font styles usually...

    I've been reading up on the reasons why to move to fully CSS pages; less code, "sleeker design", more efficient...

    Does anyone here have an opinion on the CSS vs Tables debate? Any reasons why you lean one way or the other?

    I'm thinking about getting a book or something, in order to start going the CSS route, does anyone have any recommendations for transitioning?

    Thanks guys...
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    AW: Design question: CSS vs Tables

    Just use google ;) working with divs, list-elements, p tags and so on gives you particular abilities to create custom layouts. Working with tables gives you hard borders and not really mutable boxsystem.

    try searching for "div layouting", "css4you" and so on, you'll find many many informations and howtos.

    the best way ist learning by doing, just try around a bit and find your own way to work with standard html tags and use tables only for real tables ;)

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